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Mould can cause allergic reactions

Mould can trigger asthma attacks

Increases susceptibility to colds & flu

Mould can cause sinus infections
Cleaning Mould Spores from the air
Air Scrubbing

Mould Doctor will use a portable air filtration system to extract mould spores from the air in mould contaminated rooms as required to ensure the room treated has the best possible systems to prevent mould returning after mould eradication has been carried out.

The portable air filtration system draws in the air from the room and passes it through a Fine Dust Filter and then a Carbon Filter that will trap odours followed by a HEPA air filtration this system will efficiently remove air-borne mould spores from the air to help improve indoor air quality.

The air it filters is re-circulated to the surrounding area. This system is called an air scrubber and this helps improve the general air quality of the property.

Negative Air System

In extreme mould contamination Mould Doctor will use a negative air system to improve the extraction of mould spore filtration to clean the air.

A sealed containment area is created for the contaminated room, the HEPA air filtration machine is placed outside the containment, the air is then ducted out the sealed area with a precise airflow adjustment on blower motor with variable speed to maintain containment this creates negative air pressure (a slight vacuum effect) inside the containment area relative to surrounding areas.

This HEPA filtration efficiency of 99.97% is critical when using an air scrubber as a negative air machine, because the air scrubber and Carbon filter will only process the air one time, as it is ducted out this will then limit the spread of mould spores to other areas inside the property.